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Press Release | PSAConvention19 Wrap-Up

Press Release | PSAConvention19 Wrap-Up

MEDIA RELEASE | Wednesday 2019.03.27 

Life and death are in the power of the tongue. Our words have the capacity to sway emotions, gather momentum and move proverbial mountains of public opinion – it is so incredibly evident in the present political climate.

“Today’s emotionally charged political environments, board rooms, conference halls and social media threads, demand excellence in communication,” says Tarran Deane, Leadership Speaker and Professional Speakers Australia 2019 Convention Chair, “How we ‘speak up’ and deliver the message of what’s required is not just a skill, it’s a cultural imperative. Lives are at stake and when you hold positions of influence you better be sure you take responsibility for the message you share and how you say it.”

Professional Speakers Australia (PSA) exists as the industry peak body to promote and uphold excellence in professional speaking.

At the recent Annual #PSAConvention19 the theme “You are the MESSAGE” signified the responsibility leaders have to pursue excellence, to be inspirational, concise, and challenging us all to rise to a higher standard. The 2019 Professional Speakers Australia Award Recipients, the leaders who walk their talk, on and off the stage, include:

  • Nevin Award – Donna Hanson CSP, for outstanding service to the industry
  • Keynote Speaker of the Year Award – Rowdy McLean CSP, Leadership Speaker
  • Educator of the Year Award – Keith Abraham CSP, Goal Achievement Authority
  • Breakthrough Speaker of the Year – Daryl Green, Resilience Speaker #Twiceshot and Qld Police Officer
  • Industry Partner of the Year Award – Saxton Speakers Bureau, accepted by Anne Jamieson CEO
  • Kerrie Nairn Scholarship for Aspiring Speakers – Sarah Morse, addressing slavery in business supply chains and operations
  • Certified Speaking Professional Recipients – Tony Eades, Dr Adam Fraser, Darren Pratley, Blythe Rowe, Nils Vesk, David Staughton and Marty Wilson

Workplaces, audience and community want people who are experts informing them, inspiring them and leading them; people they can believe in and trust to get the job done and deliver on outcomes. Communicating with integrity, speaking-up and pursuing excellence raises the standard in every economy.

Professional Speakers Australia #PSAConvention2020 will be held in Adelaide, South Australia March 13-16, 2020 at The Playford Hotel.

Visit to explore the industry peak body for experts who inform, inspire and influence.



Media Contact:

Tarran Deane
0417 654305
Immediate Past National President






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