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Travis Bell
‘How to Become a Digital Nomad and Truly Live Your Bucket List’

Traditional thinking leads us to run traditional speaking businesses. But there are new Sheriffs in town and they are called Digital Nomads! Thanks to technology and a shift in priorities towards lifestyle design, the Digital Nomad movement is changing the game. Now, more than ever, people are truly living the laptop lifestyle.

In this session, you will discover how to:

  • Easily implement the latest and the greatest systems to create true leverage
  • Reduce that overwhelmed state of mind and become uber productive
  • Concentrate on your strengths & strategically outsource your weaknesses
  • Build-out and multi-tier your speaking business to serve your lifestyle
  • Create a Speaking, Coaching & Consulting Business Plan that fits into your Life Plan

Trav Bell is The Bucket List Guy...The World's #1 Bucket List Expert. As a self-confessed Bucketlistologist, Trav says he has a special super-power to stop people experiencing 'ground-hog days', 'Mondayitis' and 'hump-days' and people saying "Thank God It's Friday!" With his Keynotes, Coaching, Live Events and Online Communities, Trav is a Digital Nomad who truly embodies his message.
As his signature line says “Life's Way Too Short!”

Saturday's Programme

Lenora Billings-Harris
‘Embrace the Change… Capture the Opportunity: 15 Sticky Strategies that Engage Today's Diverse Audience’

If you want your message to relate to the broad diversity of people in your sessions then learn from Lenora’s fun yet straight forward tips and techniques to help you connect. Her illustrations and suggestions can be applied to any learning environment live or virtual no matter what the topic. It is surprisingly easy!

During this interactive, content-rich and fun session you will discover creative ways to apply the principles and techniques of inclusion that grab your audience’s attention and keeps it. Join past NSA president and current Global Speakers Federation president Lenora Billings-Harris, CSP to enhance your ability to deliver powerful messages that stick long after the session has ended.

As a veteran speaker, diversity strategist, consultant and author for over twenty-five years, Lenora Billings-Harris, CSP has more than once mastered the secrets of success.

Lenora's website:

Sunday's Programme
Dr Jenny Brockis
‘Fit, focused and flexible: the key pre-requisite for high performance.’

You've got the gig, you've written the speech and you've been sent the travel itinerary. But are you fit, focused and flexible? A professional speaker has to be ready to deal with the unexpected, be flexible with change and be in prime condition to give their very best, every time they stand up on stage. As the chief energy officer of any speaking event, speakers need to know how to manage their own energy too. Just like a professional athlete, it's about putting in the correct practice and preparation, to ensure you always deliver your best performance.

The 5 key benefits of attending this session:

  • The one essential item required to pack in every speaker's bag.
  • Why brain awareness helps you notice those early warning indicators that you may not be operating at your best.
  • How having a plastic brain can help you make better decisions, solve problems quickly and boost your memory.
  • How you can use your physiology to change your psychology to your advantage.
  • The 5 Top Tips for boosting energy, maintaining physical and mental wellbeing and getting the most out of every day.

Dr. Jenny Brockis is the Brain Fitness Doctor. As a medical practitioner, speaker and author, Jenny has spent a lifetime, a whole career, looking after the health and wellbeing of others. An expert in brain fitness and the neuroscience of leadership, she translates the complexities of the brain science into practical applicable tools, so we all get better results in what we do. She works with those who recognise the best investment they will ever make, is in developing and nurturing their own high performance brain.

Jenny's website:

Sunday's Programme

Matthew Burgess
‘Virtual Teams (it's not that hard)’

One of the simplest ways to achieve immediate impact in any business is accessing the worldwide services market place. Key lessons learnt from over a decade of engaging a virtual team will be shared by recently admitted CSP, Matthew Burgess.

5 key benefits of participating fully in this break-out session:

  • How to learn what not to do - quickly !
  • Demystifying the building of a virtual team
  • Practical examples of the power of leveraging content
  • Explanation of how the good artists borrow; and the great artists steal (Picasso)
  • Understanding the impact of ‘price is what you pay; value is what you get’ (Warren Buffett)

Matthew Burgess is the founder of what is regarded as Australia’s first virtual law firm (elawyer) and more recently arguably Australia’s most innovative legal solutions platform (View Legal).
Having presented over 100 seminar and training programs a year every year since 2001, Matthew Burgess has a proven reputation. A presenter for many leading tax, accounting and legal associations, Matthew also regularly presents for financial institutions, investment houses and insurance companies both in purely technical areas for advisers as well as more practically focused sessions for clients directly.
Leveraging off the extraordinary business success that Matthew has enjoyed and the ideation, creation and successful launch of ground breaking new business models Matthew has also developed a number of programs sharing knowledge in a number of ‘adjacent’ areas to his strict legal discipline.

View Legal:

Sunday's Programme
Kate Burr
‘How to be a Funny Speaker’

Ever heard to be a great speaker you have to be entertaining? Well if you can't sing or dance, just be entertaining with humour! You know that saying "people don't always remember what you say but they always remember how you make them feel"? Research has proven laughing makes us feel good as it reduces stress hormones, and stimulates feelings of wellbeing. So when you make people feel good, they're more likely to want to work with you, refer you and buy from you. Join Comedian Kate Burr as she reveals the step-by-step secrets to being a funny speaker.

5 key topics covered in this break-out session:

  • Nine Ways to use Humour in a Presentation and the simple 3-Step Secret Formula to being funny
  • How to use humour without being cringe worthy
  • How to have fun with humour and still be taken seriously
  • How to find out if they are laughing with you or at you
  • What to do if you are just not a “naturally funny person”.

Kate Burr is the “Physically Stuffed Mum” in the comedy musical show “Three Stuffed Mums”. Over the past 13 years, she has performed in The Melbourne International Comedy Festival, International Business Conferences and hosted the inaugural GO Festival in Melbourne, Australia. She has produced and performed comedy shows in 6 Adelaide Fringe Festivals. Kate also shares her knowledge with others, running Comedy Workshops in association with Country Arts SA and through her new humour consultancy service “Humour Me”. Kate’s bubbly effervescent nature overflows on stage and she brings such a warm energy to the place it’s hard not to feel better after seeing her perform.

Kate's Website:

Saturday's Programme
Tarran Deane
‘The Top 5 Secrets to Building Your Online Authority with Content Curation’

Want to get content out on social media but you’re not the ‘blogging, share everything’ kind of person? That’s okay, you’re not alone! There is another way to raise your Profile and it’s used by a range of Speakers and Commentators like Guy Kawasaki, and it’s called ‘content curation’. In this 40 minute session I’ll demystify how you can deliver multiple posts a week, disrupting the status quo and lead as an authority in your field, whatever niche you’re in AND you won’t have to do it all by yourself.

5 key topics covered in this break-out session:

  • What content curation is, and what it isn’t
  • How to source quality content and how to systemize its storage and retrieval
  • How to recruit, train & monitor a VA so they compile the posts and reflect your tone as a key member of your team
  • How to test and measure the success of content curation
  • Attendees will receive a checklist for the session that includes provision for budgets and more

Tarran Deane is a Leadership Strategist & Performance Expert, transforming individuals & organisations from the Inside Out. With more than 38,000 hrs in Leadership & 22,000 audience members in 3 countries, Tarran has grown Corporate Cinderella through innovative practices & clever strategies, that provide speaking, coaching & consulting opportunities to companies like BHP, USQ, AIM & more. Whether presenting to government, community or business leaders or the former UN Director General, Tarran’s insight & energy rapidly connects to educate, entertain & bring about real change. Tarran Deane is an Innovative Business Award Recipient & keen Ducati enthusiast & Chapter President

Tarran's Website:

Sunday's Programme
Tony Eades
‘Creating and marketing your speaking brand’

Learn how to create and build your effective personal brand and your business brand – like Richard Branson and his Virgin Empire,
each brand should share the same values yet work as well independently. Discover how to create a meaningful and measurable USP
(your unique selling proposition) and then how to carry that through to a powerful marketing strategy.

5 key topics covered in this break-out session:

  • Personal branding v business branding, what’s the difference?
  • How to effectively communicate your brand in a digital market place
  • Own your space in the market place with targeted and relevant content
  • Why it’s now all about interaction and not transaction
  • Three pieces of technology to help build your brand

As Director of Brand Strategy and Director at BrandManager – a Digital Inbound Marketing Agency in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, Tony assists businesses to become market leaders through brand strategy, creative communications and strategic marketing - delivering measurable ROI across multiple digital platforms.
Tony has helped SME's, fast growing family businesses and corporate brands from Australia and New Zealand, China, India, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Ireland and the UK achieve their market potential through effective brand marketing. He currently writes for MyBusiness, Dynamic Business, Telstra Business, Company Director magazine, Anthill and various online business blogs.
Tony is now one of the KBB Experts for Kochie’s Business Builders and is featured in their weekly TV show that reaches over 3 million people nationally. He presents and produces his own weekly blog called The Blab which features the Marketing Minute video series, is producing a TV series for SKY Business called 'Behind The Brand' and has just completed his first book, ‘How to start a business in two weeks’.

Tony's Website:

Saturday's Programme

Brenda Eckstein
‘Have you got what it takes to be a coach?’

Wouldn’t you like to leverage even greater business opportunities through offering a wider range of services to your existing clients? Coaching could be the magical ingredient that could help you expand your horizons, regardless of your areas of expertise. Do you have what it takes to be a quality coach? And how can you go about developing your skills? Be the captain of your ship and sail to new exciting destinations. Turn your own ‘stumbling blocks’ into ‘stepping stones’ so that you can help others achieve even greater heights. This is a fun session where ideas will be shared.

As a result of participating fully in this break-out session you’ll:

  • Gain ideas on how to leverage more business through adding or promoting quality coaching as an extra offering in your existing business.
  • Be clearer on the difference between coaching, mentoring, consulting, counselling and other modalities and their appropriate use
  • Be able to assess your own potential and status in relation to the characteristics and qualifications required by a coach
  • Know how to go about becoming a well-qualified coach (if you aren’t already in that category!)
  • Have an individual one-hour complimentary Skype coaching session with Brenda (worth AU$500)

Brenda has successfully trodden the path of professional speaker, trainer, facilitator, writer and 5 years ago decided to begin studying integral coaching through the Centre for Coaching, Graduate School of Business, University of Cape Town.She now mentors students for the same institution while pursuing her career as an Executive Coach. She continues to speak, train, facilitate and write thus leveraging increased business opportunities. She operates mainly in South Africa and Australia. And she loves sharing ideas!

Brenda Eckstein International:

Saturday's Programme

Simone de Haas
‘LIGHTS! CAMERA! ACTION! The 7 on-camera techniques all speakers need to know.’

Every keynote, presentation or workshop is an opportunity to connect with an audience: to transform someone’s world, to inspire and to make the invisible, visible. The world of video has now given speakers unprecedented access to a global audience and the power of global transformation. Simone de Haas, The Speakers’ Director, will provide insights and actionable techniques to help you create a masterful and compelling ‘on camera’ performance. Using tools and techniques developed over thirty years of experience in the performing arts, Simone will guide you through some “scene studies” specifically designed to light up, focus and amplify your ‘on camera’ skills.

As a result of participating fully in this break-out session you’ll gain these benefits:

  • Overcome ‘on camera’ nerves and learn to ‘Love the Lens’
  • Understand the key vocal components of The Speaker’s Palette© including the 3 most effective Vocal Colours for Speakers
  • Learn how to use Camera Angles to aid Credibility
  • Fine-tune your Verbal and Non-Verbal ‘on-camera’ communication
  • Using Storyboards to create better speaking ‘sound-bites’

Simone de Haas is a multi-award winning Theatre Director, Producer and Actor with over 30 years experience in both live theatre and film & television. A recipient of the coveted Matilda Award (the theatre industry’s Nevin Award) in 2012 as well as the ABC Radio’s Bell Award for her work in Independent Theatre, Simone has directed over 100 musicals, plays and operas. Simone also trains actors for stage, film & television and is Artistic Director of her own theatre production company. In addition, she has worked as a Lecturer in Performing Arts for Qld Conservatorium, and is currently a Sessional Academic for QUT. Simone is also a highly intuitive and successful Mentor/Coach and as The Speakers’ Director, is uniquely qualified to coach speakers and entrepreneurs to harness the power of their voice, presence and personal story to create compelling performances on stage and screen.

Simone's Website:

Sunday's Programme

Bill James
‘Would you like to double your business in 2015?’

In 2014 Bill doubled his business. He spent a number of months working out exactly how and the good news is – you can achieve the same results with the same ideas. So would you like to double your business in 2015? This is a session of the key sales and marketing ideas that saw no more clients (but better quality clients) produce twice the top line sales, longer contracts, deeper relationships, significant joint ventures and many more referrals. From 60+ stage engagements in 2014 Bill was on stage over 140 times from mid-April until November.

As a result of participating fully in this break-out session you’ll:

  • Look at a case study that worked in your own industry with easy to understand and implement ideas that will make a difference.
  • Gain the confidence to try them.
  • How to multiply most engagements – not the usual ideas but new ones.
  • How to win a client in 3 minutes of ‘hello.’
  • How to get to the key deep conversations quickly.

Bill is a CSP, current NZ President and known for his ability to find the business, open the door and connect for the sale. He believes that your success in this area is all about the first 3 minutes of conversation – by then the client is pro you or not – and the rest follows. His current clients include the top 2 companies in New Zealand and in 2014 he averaged an increase in sales for his clients of 28.8%.

Bill James - Speaker:

Sunday's Programme

Cyriel Kortleven
‘How to create interaction with large (or any) audiences!’

Here’s a really practical session on creating fabulous interaction with your audience. You’ll find out how you can become a really interactive speaker and you transform your role just as presenter into Master of Interaction? Discover how to conquer the post lunch black out and  harvest content from 7 or 777 participants. We will dive into three directions: experience interventions; get an overview of new large group methods and practical tips and tricks to organize an event where participants interact with each other. Learn simple exercises to engage an audience in a short amount of time. 

As a result of participating fully in this break-out session you’ll gain these benefits:

  • Experience several interventions to stimulate networking, create an open atmosphere, harvest information
  • Get inspired by the newest methods to interact with large audiences
  • Get practical tips and tricks to create real interaction (2 exercises to integrate in your presentation)
  • Discover the Bingo-method to harvest content from large audiences in a short amount of time
  • Access to Cyriel's handout slides + extra inspiration.

Cyriel Kortleven is a much sought-after speaker at conferences, events and internal meetings. Through his playful and enthusiastic attitude to life, he creates an open and informal atmosphere - ideal for bigger events and conferences. Cyriel stimulates people to break their fixed-thinking patterns and inspires you with creative skills and examples to gain more with less.
Cyriel has already worked more than 14 years in the domain of creativity and innovation. He delivers keynotes all over the world and is on average around 100 days a year on the 'road' (or in a plane) - he presented already in 20 different countries in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia. He is also author of 4 books.

Sunday's Programme

Lynda Leigh
‘You’re so annoying!’

You thought the audience was annoying – it’s actually you! Frustrated when “great speakers go bad”, Lynda wants to share with you her insights as a difficult and demanding audience member. Break the habits that you’ve been told that makes a presentation effective and your message will become more accessible.

Five benefits gained:

  • One simple way to increase your SEO that the marketing gurus don’t tell you about
  • Increase and diversify your market – currently 3.5 million Australians aren’t hearing your message
  • Becoming a silent hero – it’s not just good karma, it’s good for your business
  • Why stage stalking kills your presentation
  • Stop being annoying on and off the stage

Lynda’s life and career changed for the better when she accepted that she was ‘different.’ For years, simple transactions like returning an item she bought on-line were almost impossible. At her job, she had to keep finding solutions for things that her colleagues took for granted: being a part of meetings, talking to colleagues interstate, attending training and presentations.
Instead of accepting limitations, Lynda chose to use her experience to make a difference. She believes that together, the minorities are the majority. Lynda realised she wasn’t the only customer who couldn’t buy goods/services or do business in the traditional way. She wasn’t the only person who had to find their own way of growing a business network and of building resilience.
Lynda loves problem solving and she is determined to spend her savings on red wine, blue cheese, and competing in forest rallying events. She’d love latte with one sugar, thank you.

Sunday's Programme

Rodney Marks
‘23 Comedy Writing Tips for Speakers’

Learn how to add more comedy to your serious presentation, so that you’ll be booked more often.

As a result of participating fully in this break-out session you’ll gain these benefits:

  • What styles of comedy work for you and your topic(s).
  • How to create comedy every day from things that just happen.
  • How to mine your past for even more humour.
  • How to listen to comedians and speakers, and learn from their material and attitude.
  • How to know your limits and when to call for professional comedy writing help.

Rodney Marks is a professional comedian, NSAA National President 2007-08, NSAA Keynote Speaker of the Year 2011, and NSAA Nevin Award winner 2013.

Rodney's Website:

Saturday's Programme

Russell Pearson
‘The 2015 Digital Marketing Tools for Speakers’

Digital Marketing expertise is now essential to develop your position as a speaker in this incredibly competitive marketplace. With hundreds of tools available online, how will you choose where to spend your time or money? Would you like to discover which strategies are working for speakers and trainers to expand brand exposure and increase speaking engagements? In this informative break out session you'll get the answers and learn how to effectively use online tools such as Youtube, Google Re-Marketing and Adwords to drive prospects to your website while accelerating your long term subscriber base.

As a result of participating fully in this break-out session you’ll:

  • Discover effective techniques that increase exposure and speaking engagements
  • Learn how to use digital advertising and youtube to capture your market
  • How to create campaigns that will leverage your time and dollars
  • How to convert viewers to regular subscribers and clients
  • Increase online and event sales in 2015

The Brand Design Guy - Russell Pearson has been unleashing marketing campaigns for over 20 years. With origins in advertising, Russell's ability to help business leaders capture and keep their ideal clients has seen him become well respected in the industry, delivering over 6000% return on investment on monthly campaigns alone.

Crimson Fox Creative Studios - Brand Design & Marketing:

Sunday's Programme

Paul ter Wal
‘Make your choice: How can I as speaker be accountable to my audience?’

As a speaker I want to speak with my audience about “being accountable”, what it means to find your non-negotiables or markers in your live and to translate them to making choices instead of excuses. But what does this means to me, as speaker: how can I be accountable to my audience, do I know them enough to make the right choices?

As a result of participating fully in this break-out session you’ll gain these benefits:

  • How to find your own markers/non-negotiables
  • Make the choice for your own mission
  • Knowing why we make excuses
  • What does it mean to be accountable
  • How to work with an audience to be accountable

Paul is making healthy organizations well; as a public speaker and an independent advisor in the field of employability, engagement, accountability, Paul has been directly active for branches and well known companies esp. in the Netherlands. His main activities involve developing and co-implementing new engagement, vitality and absence leave concepts, in which both internal and external interpretations are given to the employer’s desired approach for prevention, employability, engagement and accountability: the vitality-approach. Paul is an expert speaker on Vitality & Accountability.Paul helps speakers to find their non-negotiables in life and work, so, they can perform better by making the right choices and giving real value for the audience in their presentations.
Paul is co-founder and past-president of the PSA Holland; currently: secretary of the Executive Committee of the GSF and chairman of the Global Speakers Network.

Saturday's Programme


David Koutsoukis
First Timers Session

First timers are our Convention VIPs, so if this is your first NSAA Convention don't miss this session. You will not only learn how to optimise your Convention experience, you will also get the chance to connect with other delegates and share what you do. Come and discover the Spirit of NSAA.

David Koutsoukis CSP is a leadership and team development specialist who has been a professional speaker and NSAA member for almost 15 years. He has spoken in 10 countries across 4 continents and is known for his dynamic and engaging presentations. David is a Past National President of NSAA.

Friday's Programme

Kathryn Orford
How to have the confidence to sell yourself as a speaker

Whether you’re new to speaking or relatively comfortable delivering your content but cringe at the thought of having to selling yourself as a speaker, then this is the workshop for you. Sometimes even the most experienced speakers squirm when it comes to selling themselves! In this workshop you’ll identify and release your fears, limiting beliefs, and emotional blocks about selling yourself as a speaker. And have lots of fun as you learn to replace them with some easy to implement rituals and techniques that will leave you feeling excited, confident and raring to go the next time you get the opportunity to sell yourself to a prospective client, bureau or conference organiser.

Five key benefits of attending this session:

  • Identify and release your limiting beliefs, sabotage patterns or emotional blocks about your ability to sell yourself as a speaker
  • Learn how to re-program your inner critic/negative self talk and turn it into a cheer squad
  • Discover an easy technique to transform your nervous energy
  • Learn daily rituals to build your self confidence and create a peak performance mindset
  • Redefine what it really means to sell yourself as a speaker so you leave feeling confident and excited about your ability/li>

Known as The Confidence Coach, Kathryn is the Best Selling Author of “Become your #1 Fan ~ How to Silence Your Inner Critic and Live the Life of your Dreams” featured in the Hollywood Movie “Butterfly Caught” due for release later this year.
She is also a Peak Performance Coach and loves working with Elite Athletes, Performers, Sales People and High Achievers. Kathryn recently returned to Australia after living in Hawaii for the past three years and is excited about running “Become your #1 Fan Workshops” for the general public as well as niched markets and industries.
A nervous breakdown and feeling suicidal in her early thirties was the catalyst for Kathryn to really learn to love herself. Since then she has studied with the world’s leading experts in self esteem, self worth and human potential. And she has been dubbed the Louise Hay of this generation, having taught thousands of people to believe in themselves and make their dreams a reality.

Kathryn's Website:

Friday's Programme

John Pastorelli
Step into the creative sandpit and energise your ideas!

The creative thinking sandpit is a creative thinking framework that makes the generation of ideas easy, practical and efficient. It is a safe space that aims to generate a sense of play and purpose in much the same way as a traditional sandpit does for kids (and adults!). It creates an environment in which the creative spirit can best be energised and empowered through easy to follow steps and in which value can be gleaned from each and every idea that is generated.

The creative thinking sandpit can be used by individuals, work teams and business communities in any location and at anytime. It can be used as an ’imaginary space’ that you can ‘step into’ when needing to generate ideas or as a concrete ‘ideas room’ full of flip chart paper, music and resources.

At least 5 key benefits attendees will walk away with:

  • Being able to see and find value in each and every idea you create saving you time and leveraging your creative effort
  • Being able to turn a useless idea into a useful idea so as to improve the results of your ideation activity
  • Discover more opportunities using the resources you already have – so that you can generate innovative ideas whilst still being in the box
  • The one thing a creative genius would not be caught without … and how you can make creative genius part of your everyday activities
  • We will spend time focusing the use of the creative thinking sandpit within the context of public speaking, which will provide you with the following benefits:
    • Generate a structured and message-based presentation on the fly
    • Think on your feet when things go wrong or not quite as right as you were hoping
    • The ability to integrate any response to any question
    • Honoring contribution

John works with business to enhance their service culture and deliver better value for both the customer and business by delivering consistent levels of customer experiences across all touch points, energising collaborative opportunities and building meaningful relationships between both internal and external customers.
He has worked throughout Australia with private enterprises and multinationals, all levels of government, multicultural and Indigenous communities, regional towns and communities and numerous NGO’s. He has also delivered workshops in New Zealand, Scotland and Greece.

Friday's Programme

David Price
23 Practical Tips to Get Money Gushing Into Your Bank Account!

In this fast paced, practical session veteran speaker and foundation NSAA member, David Price, will share a host of simple, easy-to-implement, proven ideas to get your speaking business really humming.
Whether you are new to the business, been speaking for a while or are a seasoned speaker you're bound to take away at least a couple of ideas that will be the pickup tonic your business needs. Guaranteed no rah rah, no theory, no wild impossible ideas, no special skills needed (other than a polished presentation); just great stuff… simple, sensible and successful!
David has each been speaking professionally for almost 30 years. If he doesn't speak… he starves! So he must be doing something right.

In this session you will discover:

  • How to get a brand-new paid job within two weeks
  • The secrets to making $1000 before bedtime!
  • Finding the elusive and invisible business in your own backyard
  • How to find people who are willing to pay for what you have to offer
  • How to hone your message so people will pay to hear it
  • The quickest way to establish credibility
  • What speakers can learn from Amway
  • How to think like your client and get them to pay you buckets of cash

Friday's Programme


Dr Rich Allen
Humane Presentations

If we want corporate presentations to be effective, they must take into account the human dimension. We must understand the environmental, psychological and physiological factors that make human beings pay attention to, engage with and remember new information. In this highly interactive and entertaining session, discover some simple strategies, based on brain science, which will instantly increase your audience’s level of engagement. You’ll learn how to ensure your audience understands, remembers and even enjoys your presentation

Dr Rich Allen is a highly regarded speaker and master trainer with more than 30 years’ experience presenting keynotes at conferences around the world. He is regular speaker in: the US, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Brunei, Russia, Jordan, and Brazil. Founder and President of Green Light Education, Rich is the author of a dozen popular books in the fields of presenting, teaching and facilitating, including: HumanE Presentations; TrainSmart: Effective Trainings Every Time and The Rock ‘n Roll Classroom.  Rich completed his doctorate in educational psychology at Arizona State University, where he studied how the human brain receives, processes, and recalls information—knowledge that informs all aspects of his presenting and speaking strategies. He divides his time between his home in the US Virgin Islands on the sun-kissed paradise of St Croix, and his wife’s home in Sydney, Australia, where he is learning to be a step-Dad to two amazing young women.  He can be reached at his email address:

Monday's Programme

Yvonne Collier
Training Games – Let’s play them

Join Yvonne Collier CSP for 2 hours fast track activities for fun-filled experiential learning. Get your participants interacting, connecting and energized in a fun, relevant and meaningful way. Frame activities for relevance and safety. Interact with laughter and learning and experience debriefs to create memorable meaning.

The 5 key benefits attendees will walk away with:

  • Link activities to your workshop purpose
  • Practice activities that quickly connect people
  • Increase your confidence to use engaging activities
  • Commit to expand and polish your tool kit
  • Add new ideas / spins to classic activities that really work

Yvonne Collier CSP is an International speaker, trainer, facilitator, mentor and coach.
With an education background, corporate media sales and management experience with News Ltd and Fairfax, she runs her own training company for over 20 years, Maddison Training, specialising in ‘people skills / assertive skills’. She is the author of LAFFe to Success: A Practical Guide to getting along with others.

NSW NSAA President Julie Garland McLellan says “Yvonne is a masterful presenter; so skilled it looks effortless. It was a high value and highly valuable session I can't recommend her highly enough to do her justice!"

Yvonne's Website:

Monday's Programme

Natasa Denman
Author Your Way to Speaking Success

In this session we will be unlocking the very first steps to writing a book. We will discuss, positioning of the book, target market and what problem the book will be solving. We will use a volunteer from the group to demo a book unpack and the power of the Mastermind in the room to help us do it quickly. We will finish of briefly on how the book is used for leverage when speaking. This session will be an eye-opener as to how easy the process can be.

In this workshop, participants will discover:

  • The steps to Unlocking Intellectual Property for a book
  • How to write a book in just 48 hours
  • The Leverage of a tangible product for a speaker
  • Further product development from the Intellectual Property
  • Understanding Credibility Essentials to get more Speaking Opportunities

Participants will also receive a template to do this for themselves after the session.

Natasa Denman is The Ultimate 48 Hour Author. After publishing her fourth book early in 2014 she now mentors coaches, speakers, entrepreneurs and business owners to become published authors and become the authority leader in their field. With her Brilliant Ultimate 48 Hour Author Blueprint enabling busy professionals to get their book completed within just 48 Hours, her program is highly sought after by those who are looking to influence their market and explode their credibility and standing. She helped over 35 people publish books in 2014 with 20 more in the works.

As a highly skilled business mentor and coach, Natasa knows that writing your book is only just the beginning and utilises her marketing and publicity knowledge to make sure that all of her authors get the results they are looking for with a strategic business plan which outlines the step by step process that needs to be followed. With 100% success rate form all attendees at her retreats, The Ultimate 48 Hour Blueprint is the first choice for business owners looking for the competitive edge.

Natasa's Websites: or

Monday's Programme

Neryl East
From speaker to media magnet; become an expert journalists want to interview.

As a journalist, I had a contact book with the names of my favourite interviewees; people I’d go to again and again because they could deliver what I needed.

Over the years, some people got thousands of dollars of free publicity from me because they knew how to play the media game. Many equally talented experts missed out, simply because they lacked media skills.

Speakers have the potential to attract amazing media coverage, yet most of us focus on social media while neglecting the “old-fashioned” media; radio, TV, newspapers and magazines.

In this session, you’ll see that “traditional” media is alive and well and can give you unparalleled:

  • Positioning and credibility - take advantage of the media's amplifier effect.
  • Leverage - get your traditional and social media working together for a match made in heaven!
  • Reach - speak to a huge audience beyond your own networks
  • Ongoing profile - build a long-term, credible presence and become a media “go-to” person.

In this workshop, participants will discover:

  • What journalists really look for, and how decisions are made about who gets interviewed
  • Your secret weapon: a great news angle, and how to identify yours
  • How to package up your information the way the media wants it
  • How to make the approach; the secrets of media timeframes
  • Top interview tips for speakers

Dr Neryl East is Australia’s foremost “media brain”; an award-winning reporter and media trainer who even has a PhD in Journalism!

Neryl started as a cadet journalist in the (then) male-dominated environment of Sydney radio, and remembers being told to wear high heels so she could “kick the TV cameramen” if they got in her way during all-in media interviews.

She moved to the world of television where for ten years she reported and presented every conceivable type of story – from grisly murders to over-sized vegetables and everything in between.

Neryl then “crossed to the dark side” into corporate communication where she quickly realised most people and businesses were good at standing out for the WRONG reasons, but knew very little about how to stand out for their greatness.

Today Neryl helps business leaders build the superior communication skills needed in today’s reputation-driven economy. She’s provided advice and strategy during some of Australia’s biggest media scandals, and helps businesses integrate their social media and traditional media strategies – super-charging their profile and getting boosted returns for their marketing dollar.

Neryl has a Master of Arts and PhD in Journalism from the University of Wollongong. She was chosen as the 2012 Kerrie Nairn Scholar by the National Speakers Association of Australia.

Neryl's Website:

Monday's Programme

Dr Louise Mahler
Presence, Influence and Finding your Voice FAST

This workshop will be an intense, hands-on experience for everyone who attends.

Have you ever thought about how you make an entrance, how you initiate your first sound, how you engage powerfully. Where are your feet, your eyes, your hands, your head?

In this workshop, you will receive an analysis of your patterns and new strategies for change. Tons of new concepts, new ways of looking at what you do and positive experiences of what it feels like to do things differently.

If you want to be heard, get attention and have influence, come and put your head on the chopping block.

An expert in the psychology of face-to-face engagement, whether in action or reading it in others, Dr Mahler works with the most senior leaders in Australia from federal politicians, corporate leaders, sports starts and international film actors.

Louise’s credentials include a decade as an opera soloist in Europe, a career with BHP in Quality Management and many years of training in Human Resource Development all over Australia.

After observing a ‘missing ingredient’ in corporate leadership, Louise embarked on a PhD to research the unsung wisdom of the mind-body-voice connection. Today, Louise is a highly sought after keynote speaker, corporate trainer, and executive coach internationally. Her signature style is fun and candid, full of high doses of humour, reflection, energy and passion. Participants can’t help but get involved in her highly interactive sessions; conservative corporate audiences find themselves breaking patterns and doing things they never thought they would and come out bigger people through the experience.

Louise’s qualifications include: B.Econ; B. Mus; Post Grad Dip Music; L.Mus.A; Master of Applied Science as well as a PhD in the faculty of Business. She is also accredited in MBTI, a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistics and certified in level 1 and 2 of Estill voice work. In 2006 Louise was the recipient of RMIT’s award for innovation in PhD research. She appears on TV and Radio and is sought after for her work on Presence and Influencing for senior leaders.

Monday's Programme

Warwick Merry
Easily Create Money Making Product with Minimum Effort and Maximum Return

This interactive workshop will work through in detail how to make Written, Audio and Video product quickly and profitably.

It covers:

  • Risks and Benefits of writing a chapter in a multi author book
  • Self publishing your own book in a matter of weeks
  • What a self-published book needs to look like a “real” book
  • Why you don’t write books for money
  • eBooks vs Books and why you would have both
  • Why your first product needs to be a CD and how to create them
  • Multi Pack CD’s – are they worth the effort
  • DVD vs CD
  • MP3/Video vs CD/DVD – when offline is better than online
  • eCourses – the instant way to monetising your Intellectual Property
  • Recycling your products – how to turn one into many
  • Selling your product before you make them
  • Product selling system for automated money machines
  • White labelling your products – what it means and how to do it
  • What equipment and resources you need to make audio, video, written products
  • Where to go for additional help
  • Your action plan for product success

All this, PLUS one lucky attendee will walk away from the day with their own physical product worth $35 that they can sell immediately.

Your presenter is Warwick Merry CSP. With over 30 CD’s, 5 DVDs, 2 Books, 3 eBooks, 2 Online Video programs, 3 online eCourses and a musical CD, Warwick has been involved in all kinds of products for all kinds of markets.

Learn the tricks of the trade to add credibility and cash to your reputation and business in a hands on manner that ensures you know exactly what to do to make your own product.

Warwick's Website:

Monday's Programme

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