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Anh Do

Marty Wilson is the funniest serious guy I know. He makes me laugh but also challenges me to think. Marty gives every crowd deep insights, a big dose of heart and an even bigger serve of laughter. I love this guy to bits and give him my full recommendation.

Anh Do, Stand Up Comic, Film Maker, Writer, Actor


Darren HillI believe engaging an audience with humour is the quickest way for a speaker to address cynicism while building rapport and trust. Given how important these outcomes are, I wanted to learn a more systematic process for creating humour deliberately. Cue Marty Wilson with his super funny cape-and-undies-on-the-outside approach. Total game changer for me.
I’ll be really honest. I tapped into Marty Wilson’s knowledge because I wanted to bypass the “trial and error” phase in my speaking. Chirping Crickets is really good feedback on whether something was funny or not, but it doesn’t do your ongoing bookings much good, does it?
It’s a credit to Marty’s ability to unpack funny, that I still use many of the tools he taught me several years ago on a daily basis.

Darren Hill, Leadership Speaker, Executive Director at Pragmatic Thinking

Nigel MarshMost of us have no idea why our material works. We haven’t a clue why sometimes we’re funny and sometimes we’re not. We just muddle along. Marty on the other hand is an absolute expert in the how, what and why of comedy. More importantly, he’s got the gift of being able to give easily understandable, and easily actionable advice for how to add some humour and engagement to your content.

His insights were gained from many successful years on the comedy circuit, and I don’t believe there is anybody who wants to improve their public speaking who wouldn’t benefit from listening to his lessons.

Nigel Marsh, TEDx Speaker, Author, Co-Founder of Earth Hour

Michelle BowdenI’m always telling people in my presentation skills workshops that, “It doesn’t matter how good your message is, if nobody is listening.”  Wrapping your message up in some clever, targeted, appropriate humour means people listen to you, remember you, and talk about you so you get more bookings. When my clients ask me how to be more funny I tell them they simply must work with Marty Wilson. Marty is a humour guru who knows what it takes to make anyone funny.  He can show you how to take your speech and natural personality traits and find your own special form of ‘funny’ that works for you. When you work with Marty you will sky rocket your speaking success and make people feel great – what a combination!

Michelle Bowden CSP, Presentation skills expert and best selling author of How to Present (Wiley)

Penny BurkeThese days speaking and presenting is an absolutely essential business skill, whether it’s on stage, online or even just on the phone, being able to very quickly engage and connect with an audience is a must. And the best way to do this is with appropriate humour.

So I used Marty Wilson to help funny up my speaking for the same reason I use any business coach – to fast track me getting better at an essential skill by finding the most qualified person I could in that key area. Marty is a former Australian Comic of the Year, was a full time professional comic for 10 years, and is now a professional speaker himself. There is simply no one better to teach you how to be more engaging and influential through the use of humour.

Penny Burke, Marketing Speaker, Director Essence Communications

Adam FranklinMarty Wilson’s not only funny but generous.  He’s spent a decade on the standup comedy circuit and knows how to make people laugh. More importantly he can teach ‘humour’ to people like us!

He reveals the exact, step-by-step techniques used by comedians so that we can uncover the “funny” in our own business material. Just last week I opened with a joke straight from one of the techniques Marty taught me. It worked first time, and now it will have a permanent place in my keynotes.  It’s very reassuring to have an arsenal of techniques for creating comedy.

If you’re a professional speaker who wants to secure more bookings and command premium fees, there is only one person to speak to: Marty Wilson.

Adam Franklin, Social media speaker & co-author of Web Marketing That Works

Warwick MerryI was fortunate enough to host the Professional Conference Organisers Association conference in Adelaide where Marty gave the closing plenary presentation.

While I had expected Marty to be funny, I was not prepared for the depth of the research, the easy to implement ideas and key learning points that he also had. I must say he was also funnier than expected.

Marty did a fantastic job and the client was absolutely thrilled. The final presentation for a conference is so important as it is often the one most remembered. Marty’s impact will not be soon forgotten.

Just looking at the comments from the delegates on the social media feeds showed how much they connected, laughed and got something valuable out of his session.

If you are looking for a speaker with laughs, content and actionable ideas that will highly impact your delegates, look no further than Marty Wilson.

Warwick Merry CSP, Master MC, Conference Speaker

Daniel ParsonsMarty is the funniest speaker I’ve seen in a long time, but he’s much more than that. He is both thought provoking and inspirational, with well researched content delivered a relatable, human way. If your team needs an energy shot to cope with the relentless pace of business these days, they need a dose of Marty Wilson.

Daniel Parsons, Vice President Acquisition ANZ, American Express

Michael RyanThere are two types of speakers: those who have well-researched, actionable content that has a lasting impact on your people, and those who are incredibly motivating & entertaining. With Marty Wilson you get both. He inspired everyone at our event with some deeply challenging, well thought through strategies for how to stay resilient in the face of relentless change, and he had us in stitches for an hour. I’d strongly recommend Marty for any conference where you want to educate, motivate and give your people a great time.

Michael Ryan, Vice President, Retail & B2B, American Express

Greg Dalton


Marty has that unique ability to combine meaningful insights with a delivery style that challenges individuals thinking and at the same time have the room in stitches of laughter. A rare gift.

Greg Dalton, Head of Global Services, Westpac

John Paul Pullicino

While Marty Wilson is a seriously funny guy, he is also a truly dynamic and thought provoking speaker. His content is thoroughly researched and built upon sharing through the lives of many, which really sets him apart from all other speakers.

John Paul Pullicino, Commercial Lead – Global Brands, Pfizer Australia



Chris Akayan“The thing that sets Marty Wilson apart from other speakers is that humour is his message as well as his method. As you’d expect from a former Australian Comic of the Year, his keynotes are incredibly engaging and funny, but the humour isn’t just “sugar to help the medicine go down”, it IS the medicine. Marty opens up your mind to the value of staying light, and leading with laughter. This makes your interactions with people more human, more authentic, and more effective.”

Chris Akayan, Group General Manager, Human Resources, Mirvac

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