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Shivani is an expert on: 

Tough Love for Leaders: How we go beyond engagement and give our employees love and have tough conversations.

I love my-self: To shift the way that women think about themselves and nurturing the most important relationship in life.

Passionate teams: 7 steps to creating more passionate teams.

Other facts about Shivani:

1. She is an international speaker, a CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) which is the highest designation awarded to any speaker

2. Has won many business awards including the Telstra Business Womens Awards

3. Is an internationally published author and has authored 7 books 

4. She does a lot of media – is a Fairfax columnist, a radio show presenter and has written a range of articles published in the Australian, Law Review and others

5. She is an engineer by trade

6. Has presented a TV show which attracted over 1 million viewers on business

7. Has two young children and married Scott

Speaking Topics

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  • Board Director
  • Designation: Board Member / CLT member, CSP
  • Qualifications: CSP,


Name: Shivani Gupta

Phone: 0439 722 040
Postal Address: PO Box 719
Newcastle  NSW  2300

passionatepeople institute

Shivani is the global expert in helping leaders become extraordinary through the use of her philosophies on tough love, passion and people loving themselves.

Shivani is obsessed about leaders loving and toughening their employees and teams.


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